Fast Delivery to customers

Every customer wants to be satisfied. And that part of our duty at Ashua to satisfy customer in due time. At Ashua we speak time in hours and our delivery options are the smartest you can think of. Ashua is set to deliver and satisfy you and make delivery seamless within and outside you present location

Pickup Option from Sellers

Every merchant is entitled to enjoy Ashua pickup option, and our pick up option from sellers is a one stop process where Ashua logistics ease the stress off merchants and pick up items from sellers.

Amazing commission

Our ridiculous commission offer in each category from Fashion, Household, Electronics, Kitchen and more is what Ashua promises to keep to merchants. Enjoy the discounts while it last because it’s the least anywhere you can find.

Sell your products in 3 simple steps... online marketplace is one of the platforms for selling in Nigeria. Be it a manufacturer, simply sell your products online on and increase your products visibility with minimum commission. Through a team of experts offering exclusive sellers training, support, and convenient seller portal, focuses on educating sellers across Nigeria.

Selling on is easy and listing is absolutely free. There are great opportunities for all our sellers on our platform with moderate commission. All you need to do is register, list your products and start selling your products. After your item is sold successfully, you will be charged a commission fee based on the category of the item sold. brings unbelievable traffic to your store.

There are very simple steps to be taken to sell on

- Log on to

- Click on register; Ensure every information given is valid to enable us serve you better.

- We will send you a confirmation mail to confirm your Email, click on confirm email

If the information given is valid, your account will be created within 48hours and you can start selling on

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Listing your products on is very easy and fast....Lets get started:

- Click on sell something now, select product category and also sub-category

- Fill product information correctly and also the price of the product

- Upload clear pictures which is capable of increasing sales by 100% more

- Review all you have inputted

- Click on Submit all and Finish

Ashua quality control unit will review the product uploaded, if it meets up to our standard of product, the product will automatically be approved and goes live on our website and can be purchased. If the product doesn't meet up to our standard, it will be rejected and can be modified

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Selling online just got easier and more profitable with our amazing commission which is super low.

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Ashua has created a simple and easy way for sellers. All you have to do is take your orders, make sure you have your Ashua order ID for each order and then drop your parcel at any of our dropoff centers. Our logistic partners will do the rest and the best news is you will not pay for this service!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You need an ashua sellers account to sell on If you don’t have an account yet, follow the steps below
Selling on is very easy. You don’t have to pay to register. Just visit the page and fill the the form. An email will be sent to the email you registered with for verification before your registration can be complete.
Selling on is absolutely free. No upfront cost is required when selling on

Ashua has a large category list which includes computers, fashion, beauty and personal care etc. Anything can be sold as long as its original and legally sold in Nigeria.

To best describe the items you are selling, please mention all the key highlights of the items, unique features, functionality, size, you are selling.. Do the pitch of what you are selling by showing the customers all the benefits of your product.
After completion of the registration process, you get access to our sellers portal which is, where you can upload your products for people to buy. All products uploaded will be reviewed and if it meets our requirement, it will be approved[go live] within 2 working days.
Go online and get the image of the product you want to sell with the help of a unique identifier eg model number and ensure the image uploaded is exactly what you have physically.
This may be due to several reasons: • Did you upload good quality of your products? • Did you provide a detailed description? • Are you allowed to sell this item? We recommend that you modify your upload and submit again.
• Set discounts prices for specific period of time. • Enable free shipping.
Determining the right value of your product is very important, especially if your buyers can find the same product in other stores at a better price. To be competitive, make sure to check the prices of other sellers on and other online platforms. Remember that you can still set promotional prices for a given period of time which will increase your visibility on
Once there is an order for your item[s], an sms and/or an email will be sent to you.

All orders will be dropped off in any of our drop off center nearest to you. Click here to view our drop off centers

Yes, Your order can be picked up at a charge depending on your location.

You will be paid via the account number provided while signing up but you can always change your account details anytime.

Irrespective of the return policy set by the seller, it doesn’t affect payments for delivered orders which is seven[7] business days after delivery.
Merchants are paid for items fully delivered to the buyers after seven business days of delivery irrespective of the return policy set. • Make sure you set competitive prices for all your products, your titles are catchy and your descriptions are accurate. • Set return policy which increases sales by 100%.
Once there is an order for your item[s], an sms and/or an email will be sent to you